Departament of Education

Vocational Training Basque Plan
Stretegic lines

The new Basque Vocational Training Plan consists of:

4 strategic lines  
44 strategic objetives  
155 measures to be implemented  

The Basque Vocational Training Plan is based on the following strategic lines:

Strategic line 1: Update and Improve the Integrated System of Qualifications and Vocational Training

- Reinforce the institutions associated with vocational training
- Move forward with the Integrated System of Qualifications and Vocational Training of the Basque Country
- Develop the integral vocational training centres
- Recognize and evaluate non-formal and informal learning.

Strategic line 2: Quality of Vocational Training in the Basque Country

- Enhance the quality of management performance in the centres
- Raise the quality of instructor training
- Improve the management and administration of human resources
- Promote and manage project teams
- Work in other areas of quality:
- Investor in people
- Corporate Social Responsibility.

Strategic line 3: Stimulate innovation in Basque vocational training as a process of continuous improvement

- Create a vocational training research, development and innovation centre
- Innovate management in integral vocational training centres.
- Innovate training with new technology
- Develop new teaching/learning processes
- Promote technological transfer of knowledge between vocational training centres and businesses.
- Implement a knowledge management system in the vocational training centre network
- Strengthen ties between upper-level vocational training and the university
- Gradually attain certification for integral vocational training centres specializing in science, technology and innovation
- Develop research projects applicable to the field of vocational training

Strategic line 4: ITC in Basque vocational training

- Extend the vocational training centre network
- Increase the number of digital interactive classrooms
- Foment collaboration and work between centres and digital classrooms.
- Make us of free software
- Develop tridimensional virtual vocational training.

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