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Welcome to the Basque industrial and export company catalogue (CIVEX).

At this moment in time we are updating CIVEX to give it a more innovative design and improve its usability.

The Catalogue of Industries and Exporting Companies in the Basque Country comprehends over 5,000 industrial companies and advanced services, in addition to exporting companies.

The catalogue includes information about the identity of these companies, their location, activity and product, their export activity, in five languages -Basque, Spanish, English, French and German-.

The Catalogue, over the years has been strengthened and become a useful tool to spread the word about Basque companies, both in our own country and abroad, which encourages us to persist in improving and boosting this component.

The Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness is aware that the value of this Catalogue is determined by the exactitude of the information in it. Given that the industrial sector is a dynamic and enterprising sector which requires your collaboration in order to be continuously updated. In order to do so, if you wish to appear in this Catalogue or carry out any kind of modification of the data in it, we request that you get in touch with us through the feature "Update Information".

The Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness

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